medCPU partners with The Academy in a Solutions Center that identifies specific tools and practices that health systems can put in place to operationalize and mobilize their move to population health, as well as clinical, financial and operational performance.


The Opportunity

New technology, sophisticated analytical capabilities and data-driven protocols and processes are facilitating the usefulness of the exponentially increasing streams of clinical, financial and administrative data. Identifying, understanding and addressing variation in clinical and financial outcomes at the point-of-care will improve quality and lower costs.

The Process

The Solutions Center will engage key organizations and leaders to select important focus areas for improvement, and will reach consensus on content, workflow, metrics and implementation approaches. Novel, advanced technologies will be used to “hardwire” the consensus content and workflow so that they can be delivered at the point-of-care in an efficient, acceptable and usable manner to busy clinical staff. Pilot projects will be used to test and refine these methods. Initial pilots will focus on topics of immediate relevance and will use medCPU technology to deliver performance improvement results.

The Outcomes

The Solutions Center will disseminate the findings and innovations to Academy members through publications and presentations to help accelerate the adoption of proven innovative solutions across The Academy Top-100 health system members. Additionally The Center will use these innovations to explore and further identify new evidence and best practices in patient care.